Re: NAT WAN IP to internal range?

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>> """
>> In Kernels up to 2.6.10 you can add several --to-destination options.
>> For those kernels, if you specify more than one des‐
>> tination address, either via an address range or multiple
>> --to-destination options, a simple round-robin (one after another
>> in cycle) load balancing takes place between these addresses. Later
>> Kernels (>= 2.6.11-rc1) don't have the ability to NAT
>> to multiple ranges anymore.
>> """

Yeah I read that... It does not describe what I’m trying to
accomplish… hence the confusion on my part…
I’m trying to configure a one to many NAT.  (One WAN address to a
range of internal addresses)

So… Looks like I’m trying an incorrect approach... how is one to
configure a one to many NAT? Is there a different approach I can take
to achieve this?

Any pointers appreciated.

Kind regards,
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