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On Friday 23 December 2011 03:35 AM, Jan Engelhardt wrote:

On Thursday 2011-12-22 18:36, Steve Hill wrote:

On 22/12/11 16:28, Jan Engelhardt wrote:

So at the moment, the only way I can think of doing the filtering
is to allow the packet to run through *all* the iptables rules
without matching the physical output NIC and set one bit of the
fwmark for each physical interface I would let the packet egress.
Then in ebtables (where we know the physical interface) filter the
packets by looking at the fwmark bit that I've used to indicate
that interface. This method is pretty unscalable (fwmark is 32

As for filtering, which I had gathered was what you wanted, you
could set the fwmark to indicate drop-or-not-drop (rather than a
bit for each interface).

Nope, can't do that - the iptables rules aren't going to know
whether the packet needs to be dropped or not since it doesn't know
which physical NIC it will egress

Sorry for interrupting your discussion. I am following this thread from the beginning. However, I couldn't get exactly how your setup looks like. If possible, could you please give a simple (ascii) pictorial representation of your setup. This may help more people (normal iptable users like me) to understand the discussion better. Thank you.


What I mean is that with the mark, you record whether this is a
potential candidate for dropping. E.g. if

   tcp 22 eth0 ->  drop, tcp 22 eth1 ->  accept

you could

   -A OUTPUT -o br0 -p tcp --dport 22 -j MARK --set-mark [ssh-candidate-bit]
   ebtables -m mark --mark ssh-candidate-bit/ssh-candidate-bit -o [eth0/eth1] -j [DROP/ACCEPT]...
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