PortalShaper - details of scripts for a captive portal and traffic shaper

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Hi all,

I'm posting this for people's interest, in case it is of use to anybody.

I have created a set of scripts (called PortalShaper) to do the

  * Act as a captive portal
  * Manage the users on the captive portal
  * Traffic shape the internet connection to optimise its speed
  * Create a "splash page" to display adverts to users
  * Load-share between multiple connections

I won't go into any details in this email, except to say that all the
above is achieved with iptables and iproute2 rules, with PHP scripts for
the captive portal web pages. It's therefore easily customised, or used
as examples.

The details of how it works are contained at:


Full installation instructions for installing from scratch are contained


If you have any comments then please let me know.


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