Re: Redirection to local lan, isn't DNAT method unsafe.

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On April 1, 2004 04:55 am, Antony Stone wrote:
> On Thursday 01 April 2004 10:42 am, Bo Jacobsen wrote:
> > > Well, DNAT is normally used to map externally-accessible public IPs to
> > > real internal systems on non-routable 10.x.y.z, 172.16.a.b or
> > > 192.168.c.d addresses, therefore the problem never arises (since people
> > > across the Internet can't send packets to the real private addresses
> > > even if they knew what they were).
> > >
> > > There isn't a "better" way to redirect traffic to other IP addresses,
> > > however why do you think it's a problem for people to use the "real"
> > > address instead of the one you're telling them to use.   They have
> > > access to the machine, so why does it really matter which address they
> > > use to connect to it?
> >
> > The problem is that many hosts, with this setup, actually is connected to
> > the internet using a public ip, and beeing able to resolve internal
> > ip-information is not good.
> Now I'm confused.   (Easily done...)
> Were the 192.168.x.y addresses you gave in your original posting accurate,
> or just examples, and you are now saying that the source machines are
> actually systems out on the Internet somewhere with real public IPs?
> Please clarify - who are you worried about discovering the real internal IP
> addresses of your machines, and where are they located on the network?  
> Can they really send packets to the private IP address as you outlined in
> your original posting?
> My expectation is that people "out on the Internet" cannot connect to your
> private IPs (because the addresses are non-routable), therefore the
> question doesn't arise for them.   People associated with your local
> network (ie: inside your connection point to the Internet) surely aren't a
> problem even if they do discover the real private IP address?   Or am I
> missing something here about what you are trying to secure from whom?
> Hope that's clear....
> Regards,
> Antony.

	Actually I can see one other horrible possibility  --- an ISP with a \28 net --
	where the internal network of the ISP is by neccesity a non routeable address space, 
	and is natted within the \28 netowork ... or where subscribers are all on non routeable addresses
	and primary connection services are on the \28 space....


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