A practical problem regarding IP Accounting ...?

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I have 32 IP ADDRESSE Router (cisco) I do not have access on it 
Big Brother proprerty-- BELL you know already :( ...

My linux box 2 net interface running DNS on eth0 and on eth1

Here comes the scenario:
Betwen the router and Swich is my machine and I want
all the trafic to go through my Linux Box to be able
to account the trafic per IP addres.

              ROUTER -->INPUT<-- eth0
My Linux Box: eth0-->Accounting FILTER<--eth1
              eth1-->SWITCH<-- to 95

I want to be able  in my linux box to measure trafic
for all the station which are pluged in switch from 68
to 95

Thanks for an eventual complet solution.


I tried to do so
 [INTERNET] -->[ ROUTER:] -->[ eth0(66)
 --eth1(67)] -->[HUB/switch]--> [station ([68].. to

How can I masure the trafic on each IP address in 68
to 95 range using your software.

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