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On 5/8/12 3:36 PM, Pablo Neira Ayuso wrote:
Hi Gaurav,

On Tue, May 08, 2012 at 01:58:44PM -0700, Gaurav Sinha wrote:
Hi All,

I am getting this error which points out the ulog-cprange that I am
using is incorrect. It
should be a value in between 1-50. The man page says 0 is allowed
too, i.e. any number of
bytes. But, I cannot configure zero as well.

Is zero no longer supported? Probably the man page is not updated
with this information.

iptables v1.4.12.2: ULOG: bad value for option "--ulog-cprange", or out of
range (1-50).

Try `iptables -h' or 'iptables --help' for more information.
Error: [iptables -t raw -I MY_PREROUTING_HOOK 1 -i eth0 -j ULOG
--ulog-nlgroup 2 --ulog-cprange 64 --ulog-qthreshold 10] failed - 512
A bug was accidentally introduced in:

1f2474a libipt_ULOG: use guided option parser

I have applied the following patch to resolve this issue:;a=commitdiff;h=6111382a6c27e73c1cef1777c1253be0453a9dbb;hp=8db1044ba608a78035bbf89007aab6b6d8ff6f68

Thanks for reporting the problem.
Thank you Pablo
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