Re: [RFC] [PATCH 0/4] netfilter: "fail-open" feature support for NFQUEUE

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Florian Westphal <fw@xxxxxxxxx> wrote on 05/07/2012 01:40:29 PM:

> Re: [RFC] [PATCH 0/4] netfilter: "fail-open" feature support for NFQUEUE
> Krishna Kumar <krkumar2@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Many users of an IBM security product, which uses netfilter's NFQUEUE
> > target to process packets in userspace, face a problem of dropped
> > connections during heavy load. Incoming packets are queued and
> > processed by the security module, which does deep packet analysis to
> > decide whether to accept or reject them. However during heavy load,
> > NFQUEUE queue (default 1024 entries) fills up and connections fail
> > after large number of packets drop during enqueue. Increasing the
> > queue size delays the problem and also worsens latency.
> >
> > This patch set implements a "failopen" support to help keep connections
> > open during such failures. This is achieved by allowing acceptance of
> > packets temporarily when the queue is full, which enables existing
> > connections to be kept alive. Customers prefer this option as similar
> > feature is available on other systems.
> >
> > This patch set implements failopen for NFQUEUE (though a similar patch
> > for IPQUEUE is also implemented but not submitted at this time). I will
> > submit the iptables changes which controls turning failopen mode on/off
> > later. The original requirement for sysctl option is not implemented -
> > please let me know whether that is acceptable/preferable.
> I think that exposing this feature as userspace-changeable via netlink
> (eg. by adding "NFQA_CFG_FAILOPEN" attribute) rather than via ruleset
> would make most sense, as only the application can know wheter it
> can cope with missing packets.

Thanks for your review. With this change, is there any reason to
modify xt_NFQ_info_v2's bypass field, since app can specify this
option directly? I tested without this for now and it works.

- KK

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