Re: [PATCH 00/12] add namespace support for netfilter protos

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Hi pablo

于 2012年04月17日 16:52, Pablo Neira Ayuso 写道:
> Hi Gao,
> On Tue, Apr 17, 2012 at 10:56:11AM +0800, Gao feng wrote:
>> Currently the sysctl of netfilter proto is not isolated, so when 
>> changing proto's sysctl in container will cause the host's sysctl 
>> be changed too. it's not expected.
>> This patch set adds the namespace support for netfilter protos.
>> impletement four pernet_operations to register sysctl,and disable 
>> register sysctl when protos are registered.
> This indeed needs to be fixed, but this patchset has several
> deficiencies. I'll spot them in follow-up emails.
>> nf_conntrack_net_proto_ipv4_ops is used to register tcp4(compat),
>> udp4(compat),icmp(compat),ipv4(compat).
>> nf_conntrack_net_proto_ipv6_ops is used to register tcp6,udp6 and 
>> icmpv6.
>> nf_conntrack_net_proto_sctp_ops is used to register sctp4(compat) 
>> and sctp6.
>> nf_conntrack_net_proto_udplite_ops is used to register udplite4
>> and udplite6
>> these operations will be registered when module be loaded.
>> And this will break the cttimeout, because timeout_nlattr_to_obj
>> function use the orig timeout(such as tcp_timeouts) to set timeouts.
>> I will fix this in my next patch.
> No way.

OK... I will fix all and resend the patch ;)

> You cannot leave the repository in broken / inconsistent state because
> you are not making things good.
> Please, hang on until this patchset is fixed to send more patches.

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