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On Mon, 9 Apr 2012, Mr Dash Four wrote:

> > That's equivalent with
> > 
> > n test-ports bitmap:port range 1-1023 timeout 0
> > a test-ports 1-1023
> > d test-ports 21
> > d test-ports 80
> > d test-ports 119
> > d test-ports 443
> >   
> It is indeed! That's something I did not know about! The "delete" command
> wasn't acceptable in ipset restore file before (in all honesty I did try this
> back in 4.x and gave up after it was rejected). Which version of ipset was
> this introduced into?

That was introduced in 6.x (actually, in 5.x).

Every command is accepted in a restore file, except the information ones 
(help, list).

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