Re: NFQUEUE in bridge mode performance poor in the last kernels

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tingwei liu <tingw.liu@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> In the past few days, I have puzzled by NFQUEUE in bridge mode.
> I have take some test with five kernels.
> 2.6.38
> 3.0.8
> 3.1.10
> The result is :,,2.6.38 have a goog performance;
> 3.0.8 and 3.1.10 have a poor performance.
> Next is copy from suricata maillist( eric@xxxxxxxxx )
> I'm having a look at it. There has been some changes between the two
> kernel versions (bringing more performances) but it seems there is some
> side effects with bridge.

Might be the 'gro+nfqueue eats MAC header' problem, you could try
commit a8db7b2d197a0d624baab83f0c810b0edbc4ffd0 (netfilter: nf_queue: fix
queueing of bridged gro skbs). Or, disable gro on all bridge ports via
ethtool -K $device gro off

If its not gro related, please provide more information about your
machine, setup, ... etc.
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