iptables released

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The netfilter coreteam presents:

    iptables version

This is a stable release, it only includes bugfixes.

Version can be obtained from:


On behalf of the Netfilter Core Team.
Happy firewalling!
Florian Westphal (2):
      libxt_NFQUEUE: fix --queue-bypass ipt-save output
      libxt_connbytes: fix handling of --connbytes FROM

Jan Engelhardt (17):
      xtoptions: fill in fallback value for nvals
      libxt_statistic: link with -lm
      libxt_RATEEST: link with -lm
      build: scan for unreferenced symbols
      iptables: move kernel version find routing into libxtables
      Merge branch 'stable' of git://dev.medozas.de/iptables
      Merge branch 'stable'
      build: sort file list before build
      doc: fix undesired newline in ip6tables-restore(8)
      ip6tables-restore: implement missing -T option
      doc: document iptables-restore's -T option
      build: restore build order of modules
      build: make check stage not fail when building statically
      libipt_SAME: set PROTO_RANDOM on all ranges
      doc: clarification on the meaning of -p 0
      libiptc: provide separate pkgconfig files
      nfnl_osf: add missing libnfnetlink_CFLAGS to compile process

Pablo Neira Ayuso (1):
      Bump version to

Richard Weinberger (1):
      xtoptions: simplify xtables_parse_interface

Thomas Jarosch (1):
      libxtables: Fix file descriptor leak in xtables_lmap_init on error

Tom Eastep (2):
      libxt_conntrack: improve error message on parsing violation
      libxt_CONNSECMARK: fix spacing in output

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