Re: [PATCH v0 0/5] cgroup: Assign subsystem IDs during compile time

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Hi Neil,

On 08/16/2012 09:05 PM, Neil Horman wrote:
>> Daniel Wagner (5):
>>    cgroup: Use empty task_cls_classid() when !CONFIG_NET_CLS(_MODULE)
>>    cgroup: Move sock_update_classid() decleration to cls_cgroup.h
>>    cgroup: Protect access to task_cls_classid() when built as module
>>    cgroup: Protect access to task_netprioidx() when built as module
>>    cgroup: Assign subsystem IDs during compile time
> The series seems reasonable.  I presume you've testing building and running both
> net_prio and net_cls as modules and monolithically?
> Neil

Yep, I spend a good bit of time rebuilding and testing all patches in
the different configuration. I hope I really got the small semantic
differences between net_cls and net_prio regarding the loading and
unloading correct. So please have a close look at the jump label
patches (#3 and #4). 

BTW, I have a few mores on top of these patches, e.g. merging the
builtin and module version of task_cls_classid()/task_netprioidx()
implementation together and getting rid of the many ifdefs in the
header. But let's first get this part reviewed.


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