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Hi Eric
>Another problem on SYNFLOOD/DDOS attack is the inetpeer cache getting
>larger and larger, using lots of memory and cpu time.
> ->ip_route_output_flow()
>  ->rt_set_nexthop()
>   ->rt_init_metrics()
>    ->inet_getpeer( create = true)
>This is a side effect of commit a4daad6b09230 (net: Pre-COW metrics for
>TCP) added in 2.6.39
>Possible solution :
>Instruct inet_csk_route_req() to remove FLOWI_FLAG_PRECOW_METRICS

It think we are on the right way now,

Some results from one of our testers:
before applying "reflect SYN queue_mapping into SYNACK"

"(The latest one from Eric is not included. I am building with
that one right now.)
Results were that with the same number of SYN/s, load went down
30% on each of the three Cpus that were handling the SYNs.
Great !!!"

I'm looking forward to see the results of the latests patch.

Then I think conntrack need a little shape up, like a "mini-conntrack"
it is way to expensive to alloc a full "coontack for every SYN.

I have a bunch of patches and ideas for that...

Thanks Eric for a great job

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