Re: [RFC PATCH v0 1/2] net: bridge: propagate FDB table into hardware

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On Tue, 2012-03-06 at 15:09 +0100, Lennert Buytenhek wrote:

> Why so?  (I think the switch chips should just never do learning at
> all..)

I agree that learning in software gives you more flexibility; however,
I am for providing interface flexibility as well - switches have
learning features. I think i should be able to use them when it makes
sense to. 

> > I think it should also be upto the admin to decide whether the learning
> > happens in the kernel or user space.
> I can't see any point in doing it in userspace.  What would be the
> advantage of that?  And based on what would the admin make the decision?

If i wanted to do some funky access control based on some new MAC
address showing up - best place to do it is user space.

> It does, there is an STP state field per port in the switch chip,
> which controls whether learning takes place on this port (in
> Learning and Forwarding states) and whether packets are forwarded
> (in the Forwarding state).

ok, makes sense.

> But e.g. it doesn't automatically flush this port's FDB entries if
> you move a port from Forwarding to Listening -- the STP state field
> only controls direct learning and forwarding for received packets.
> And when you receive a BPDU with the topology change notification
> bit set, the switch won't automatically shorten the FDB entry
> timeout for you until the topology change is over, either.

I have to go back and look at some manuals i have - but iirc, the
ones ive played with behaved similarly.  As long as we provide knobs
to set/unset those different attributes, I think the handling of all
that should be from software (likely some daemon in user space);
then it shouldnt matter whether we are working with STP BPDUs or TRILL
or thenewprotocolTM etc. 

> Keep in mind that these chips also do VLAN tagging in hardware, and
> so a scenario like:
> 	# brctl addbr br123
> 	# brctl addif br123 lan1.123
> 	# brctl addif br123 lan2.123
> is also one that can be handled in hardware (which the current
> patchwork patch doesn't handle yet).

We would need to work with offloading VLANs, no? Do the current
VLAN offloads used for NICs suffice for switching chips as well?
i.e typically most chips have a table associated with some port in
which the Vlan is partof or is the lookup key. 

> You can let the switch rate limit the number of packets passed up to
> the CPU.  500 kp/s broadcast traffic seems somewhat excessive in any
> case, and I'm not sure if this deserves handling apart from QoSing
> those streams to manageable levels.

Yes, that would provide a solution.
I havent seen anything where you can rate limit the learning(SA lookup


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