Re: [PATCH 2/6] stmmac: Define MDC clock selection macros.

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On 3/7/2012 12:49 PM, Giuseppe CAVALLARO wrote:
On 3/7/2012 7:55 AM, Deepak SIKRI wrote:
Hello Peppe,

I have some concerns about this patch.

We want to have some defines to help on setting the clk_csr (that is is
a clk divisor).

When you program the "CSR Clock Range" bits in the GMII Address Register
you can also set the bit 5 (not supported in older devices e.g. 3.41a).
In this case, the defines below do not cover all the cases, I mean:

1000 clk_csr_i/4
1001 clk_csr_i/6
1010 clk_csr_i/8
1011 clk_csr_i/10
1100 clk_csr_i/12
1101 clk_csr_i/14
1110 clk_csr_i/16
1111 clk_csr_i/18
I agree that these macros have been missed. But lets take the change
suggested as a separate patch,
as this would then be integrated along with the driver.
The driver by default is considering the 2.5MHz MDIO clock option only.
In this case we require an extra
variable to differentiate specification which is higher than IEEE spec
of 2.5MHz.
ok, we will have them in a another patch. At any rate, I ask you to add
a FIXME in the code and detail this issue in the patch comment.

Sure, I will do the need full.

+/* MDC Clock Selection define*/
+#define    STMMAC_CLK_RANGE_60_100M    0    /* MDC = Clk/42 */
+#define    STMMAC_CLK_RANGE_100_150M    1    /* MDC = Clk/62 */
+#define    STMMAC_CLK_RANGE_20_35M        2    /* MDC = Clk/16 */
+#define    STMMAC_CLK_RANGE_35_60M        3    /* MDC = Clk/26 */
+#define    STMMAC_CLK_RANGE_150_250M    4    /* MDC = Clk/102 */
+#define    STMMAC_CLK_RANGE_250_300M    5    /* MDC = Clk/122 */
I suggest you to rename these macros as:

#define STMMAC_CSR_60_100M    0    /* MDC = Clk/42 */

Also, macros CSR_F_20M should be totally removed.


   /* Platfrom data for platform device structure's platform_data
field */

   struct stmmac_mdio_bus_data {

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