Patch to ip(8) manpage

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Dear folks,

For a while I did not understand why I get
"RTNETLINK answers: Numerical result out of range"
message when adding more addresses to an interface.

The attached patch may help some peoples to avoid wasting
time with investigating this strange error. :-)


--- ip.8.orig	2012-03-03 09:56:03.505518778 +0100
+++ ip.8	2012-03-03 10:06:17.685519961 +0100
@@ -1103,6 +1103,13 @@
 this string must coincide with the name of the device or must be prefixed
 with the device name followed by colon.
+must be shorter than
+(usually 16) characters. That is defined in
+.BR "/usr/include/net/if.h" .
 .BI scope " SCOPE_VALUE"
 the scope of the area where this address is valid.

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