Re: [RFC PATCH v0 1/2] net: bridge: propagate FDB table into hardware

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On Thu, 2012-03-01 at 14:17 -0800, John Fastabend wrote:
> Hmm so I think what I'll do is this...
>  both: ndm_flags = 0 
>  sw  : ndm_flags = NTF_SW_FDB
>  hw  : ndm_flags = NTF_HW_FDB
> Then current tools will work with embedded bridges and software
> bridges
> with the interesting case being when a port supporting an offloaded
> FDB is attached to a SW bridge. Doing both in this case seems to be a
> reasonable default to me.

Looks good, although it seems like no backward compat is broken, it
feels like the default should be whats goin on today i.e s/ware only.
IOW, I would make that the 0.


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