Re: [Bug 42809] New: kernel panic when receiving an ipsec packet

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The bug is still present in latest 3.2.7 vanilla kernel. I wasted the whole day debugging that damn thing and I finally discovered the root cause. The problem is with my Traverse Solos multi-port ADSL2+ PCI card[1] (which has open source drivers included in the kernel) when using RFC 2684 routed. I have two adsl lines, the first one connected using RFC 2684 routed, the second one using PPPoA. If I create a vpn toward the PPPoA line it works flawlessly, while if I create a vpn toward the RFC 2684 routed line the whole system hangs in a kernel panic (with both and 3.2.7).
I really don't know how to fix it and I need to setup that damn ipsec vpn :(

This is the bug on


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