Re: [PATCH 2/2] bluetooth: Convert BT_DBG to pr_debug

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Hi Joe,

> > > No need to obfuscate, just use the normal debugging macro.
> > > Add "\n" to uses, align arguments, coalesce formats.
> > > Fix a typo and fix a bad format extended by a line continuation.
> > what is this patch buying us.
> Easier greps of pr_debug.
> BT_DBG is just an unnecessary useless wrapper.
> > The only useful change would be to move to dev_printk, but we are not
> > there yet.
> Maybe dev_dbg, but there isn't always an
> appropriate device * available.

exactly. And that needs to be fixed first. People are working on getting
some old legacy 2.4 leftovers out of this subsystem so we can have first
call struct device everywhere.



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