Re: [PATCH] net/fec: infinite spin on sirq-net-tx on real-time

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On Mon, 2012-02-06 at 12:03 +0100, Hector Palacios wrote:

> >>
> >> @@ -530,6 +531,7 @@ fec_stop(struct net_device *ndev)
> >>   	udelay(10);
> >>   	writel(fep->phy_speed, fep->hwp + FEC_MII_SPEED);
> >>   	writel(FEC_DEFAULT_IMASK, fep->hwp + FEC_IMASK);
> >> +	fep->link = 0;
> >
> >
> > Why not call netif_stop_queue(dev) here ?
> >

> I'm no network driver expert so I'll leave it up to others to comment. I just forward 
> ported a patch I came across in Freescale's BSP which solves the problem in mainline 
> and in RT.


Eric's suggestion may also work. Could your revert this patch and add
the netif_stop_queue(dev) there, and see if it fixes the problems in
both mainline and -rt?


-- Steve

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