Re: [PATCH] net/fec: infinite spin on sirq-net-tx on real-time

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Le lundi 06 février 2012 à 12:03 +0100, Hector Palacios a écrit :

> I'm no network driver expert so I'll leave it up to others to comment. I just forward 
> ported a patch I came across in Freescale's BSP which solves the problem in mainline 
> and in RT.

I understood you didnt write the patch alone, and my question was
addressed to all people involved, not only to you.

FEC driver needs some bugfixes, before diverging too much from the state
of the art.

For example, fec_enet_alloc_buffers()  doesnt check for allocation
failures :

fep->tx_bounce[i] = kmalloc(FEC_ENET_TX_FRSIZE, GFP_KERNEL);

NULL dereferences are then possible later in fec_enet_start_xmit()

By the way, I am not even sure kmalloc(2048) has a guarantee on
alignement of the result, depending on the slub/slab debugging options.

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