Re: recvmsg sleeping from invalid context

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On 01/13/2012 10:27 PM, David Miller wrote:
From: Dave Jones<davej@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 13:24:01 -0500

getting a ton of these on the latest head (099469502f62fbe0d7e4f0b83a2f22538367f734)

BUG: sleeping function called from invalid context at mm/memory.c:3905
in_atomic(): 0, irqs_disabled(): 0, pid: 1067, name: NetworkManager
INFO: lockdep is turned off.
Pid: 1067, comm: NetworkManager Not tainted 3.2.0+ #22
Call Trace:
  [<ffffffff81099415>] __might_sleep+0x145/0x200
  [<ffffffff811752a4>] might_fault+0x34/0xb0
  [<ffffffff81551555>] ? sock_def_readable+0x25/0x1a0
  [<ffffffff8155c387>] put_cmsg+0x77/0x120
  [<ffffffff8159379c>] netlink_recvmsg+0x35c/0x480
  [<ffffffff8155201a>] ? sock_update_classid+0x9a/0x260
  [<ffffffff81552052>] ? sock_update_classid+0xd2/0x260
  [<ffffffff81549fbd>] sock_recvmsg+0x11d/0x140
  [<ffffffff811752c3>] ? might_fault+0x53/0xb0
  [<ffffffff8117530c>] ? might_fault+0x9c/0xb0
  [<ffffffff811752c3>] ? might_fault+0x53/0xb0
  [<ffffffff8154b1b3>] __sys_recvmsg+0x153/0x2d0
  [<ffffffff811bc39a>] ? fget_light+0x5a/0x470
  [<ffffffff8109fd11>] ? get_parent_ip+0x11/0x50
  [<ffffffff816ac23d>] ? sub_preempt_count+0x9d/0xd0
  [<ffffffff811bc43b>] ? fget_light+0xfb/0x470
  [<ffffffff811bc39a>] ? fget_light+0x5a/0x470
  [<ffffffff8154e2e9>] sys_recvmsg+0x49/0x90
  [<ffffffff816b00e9>] system_call_fastpath+0x16/0x1b

Sigh, I suspect the new socket memcg code, which I didn't want to
even apply in the first place. :-/

Glauber, please fix this.

I really don't see how this can be related to sock memcg at all.
Nothing in the stack trace points to it.

You probably got this impression by "sock_update_classid", which has
a naming similar to the ones I used to update some sockets attributes, but are something else entirely.

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