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Arvid Brodin wrote:
>> On Tue, 11 Oct 2011 20:25:08 +0200
>> Arvid Brodin <arvid.brodin@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I want to add support for HSR ("High-availability Seamless Redundancy",
>>> IEC-62439-3) to the bridge code. With HSR, all connected units have two network
>>> ports and are connected in a ring. All new Ethernet packets are sent on both
>>> ports (or passed through if the current unit is not the originating unit). The
>>> same packet is never passed twice. Non-HSR units are not allowed in the ring.
>>> This gives instant, reconfiguration-free failover.
> I need to do two things:
> 1) Bind two network interfaces into one (say, eth0 & eth1 => hsr0). Frames sent on
>    hsr0 should get an HSR tag (including the correct EtherType) and go out on both
>    eth0 and eth1.
> 2) Ingress frames on eth0 & eth1, with EtherType 0x88fb, should be captured and 
>    handled specially (either received on hsr0 or forwarded to the other bound 
>    physical interface).

I'm slowly getting there! :)

But what is net_device->header_ops->rebuild supposed to do?

Arvid Brodin
Enea Services Stockholm AB

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