Re: asix, setting MAC broken in v3.2. Bisected to "NET: fix phy init for AX88772 USB ethernet".

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On Fri, Jan 6, 2012 at 3:10 AM, Jussi Kivilinna
<jussi.kivilinna@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have asix adapter plugged to mini-server

Which Asix adapter do you have? (Vendor/model)

Can you please provide:
1) dmesg output from asix driver
2) lsusb output for the device

> and have to change MAC address
> before DHCP because of ISP. This worked fine, until v3.2. Now I have to set
> interface in promisc mode to have custom MAC working.

Sorry - I didn't test this but I also would not expect this to break
with the changes in 3.2.

I'll see if Freddy or Allan (ASIX) need my help with this.


> I bisected problem to '[4ad1438f025ed8d1e4e95a796ca7f0ad5a22c378] NET: fix
> phy init for AX88772 USB ethernet':
> # bad: [5f0a6e2d503896062f641639dacfe5055c2f593b] Linux 3.2-rc7
> # good: [c3b92c8787367a8bb53d57d9789b558f1295cc96] Linux 3.1
> git bisect start 'v3.2-rc7' 'v3.1' 'drivers/net/usb/asix.c'
> # bad: [79de9efdb93d8e693dccd0eb7d80cd6092f5875b] NET: asix: fix ethtool -e
> for AX88178 USB dongle
> git bisect bad 79de9efdb93d8e693dccd0eb7d80cd6092f5875b
> # bad: [4ad1438f025ed8d1e4e95a796ca7f0ad5a22c378] NET: fix phy init for
> AX88772 USB ethernet
> git bisect bad 4ad1438f025ed8d1e4e95a796ca7f0ad5a22c378
> # good: [afc4b13df143122f99a0eb10bfefb216c2806de0] net: remove use of
> ndo_set_multicast_list in drivers
> git bisect good afc4b13df143122f99a0eb10bfefb216c2806de0
> -Jussi
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