Re: [PATCH series v2] IEEE 802.15.4 MAC layer basic implementation

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Le 26/12/2011 17:01, Alexander Smirnov a écrit :
Dear David, colleagues,

I'm very sorry for the flood with my previous messages, problems with
mail client :-(

This is the second version of patch series which adds basic support for
IEEE 802.15.4 Medium Access Control layer.

The IEEE 802.15.4 Working Group focuses on the standardization of the
bottom two layers of ISO/OSI protocol stack: Physical (PHY) and MAC.
The MAC layer provides access control to a shared channel and reliable
data delivery.

This series provide only basic features:
  - interface for drivers registration
  - RX/TX datapaths
  - reduced mlme operations
  - monitor device type support (used by network sniffers, e.g. Wireshark)
  - IEEE 802.15.4 loopback driver
  - documentation update

Is the word "slave" used by IEEE 802.15.4 or by the kernel part you expand?

I remember a few years ago someone advocating against the usage of the word "slave", due to its meaning outside of IT. I know it is used many time in the kernel (in particular in bonding), but if people advocate against this usage, we should use "port" instead, if and when possible.

(Yes, I know, I just posted a patch to document the active_slave option for bonding... :-/ ).

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