Re: [RFC PATCH 00/18] netfilter: IPv6 NAT

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Am 28.11.11 18:14 schrieb "Stephen Clark" unter <sclark46@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>Probabably a dumb question but are these patches for natting ipv6 to
>ipv6 or ipv4 to ipv6?

These patches are for natting IPv6 addresses behind whole IPv6 subnets
or just behind one IPv6 address.

This is useful for multiple Internet uplinks, where you want full control
on the router what connections are sent over which interface. Or its quite
easy to setup Load Balancing rules or create a DMZ. There a lots of use

If you are looking for IPv4->IPv6 or IPv6->IPv4, there are multiple
implementations. Two examples:



Best regards

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