Re: [PATCH 1/2] net: vlan: 802.1ad S-VLAN support

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From: David Lamparter <equinox@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat,  5 Nov 2011 17:54:14 +0100

> @@ -87,7 +97,8 @@ struct vlan_group {
>  					    */
>  	unsigned int		nr_vlans;
>  	struct hlist_node	hlist;	/* linked list */
> -	struct net_device **vlan_devices_arrays[VLAN_GROUP_ARRAY_SPLIT_PARTS];
> +	struct net_device **vlan_devices_arrays[VLAN_N_PROTOCOL]
>  	struct rcu_head		rcu;
>  };

This is a terrible waste of memory.  You're now using 5 times as much space,
the vast majority of which will be entirely unused.

I don't even think it's semantically correct, all these alias QinQ protocol
values don't provide completely new VLAN_ID name spaces at all.  So this
layout doesn't even make any sense, you're allowing for something that isn't
even allowed.

Rework these datastructures to eliminate the wastage please.
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