[PATCH 0/4] RFC: tipc int vs size_t fixes

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This is a starting point for fixing up the mix of int vs. size_t
usage that Dan spotted in TIPC as being open to possible exploits.

Open questions I had remaining with these patches were whether we could
trim out some of the unrequired casts, and whether we wanted to use a
size_t for everything that at any time was based on or compared to
an iov_len, including all instances of num_sect, when things like
iov_length() in <linux/uio.h> use unsigned long for looping over segments.
Also, whether we should give up at INT_MAX or LONG_MAX...

Please suggest changes as required, and I'll integrate them into this
pass1 of draft of patches from Al and resend as required until we've
got a final acceptable solution.

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