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NASA Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson Leaves Agency

July 03, 2012

Joshua Buck 
Headquarters, Washington      

Jay Bolden 
Johnson Space Center, Houston 

RELEASE: 12-227


HOUSTON -- NASA astronaut Stephen Robinson has left the space agency. 
Robinson ends his 36-year NASA career as a veteran of three 
spacewalks with more than 48 days of spaceflight experience. Robinson 
will become a professor at the University of California at Davis in 
the fall of 2012. His last day at NASA was June 30. 

Robinson began work with NASA as a cooperative education student in 
1975 at the agency's Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, Calif. He 
was selected for the astronaut corps in 1995. Robinson served as a 
mission specialist on four spaceflights, including space shuttle 
missions STS-85 in 1997, STS-95 in 1998, STS-114 in 2005 and STS-130 
in 2010. On his second spaceflight, Robinson was one of Sen. John 
Glenn's crewmates during Glenn's historic return to space after 36 

His third flight was NASA's 2005 return to flight mission after the 
loss of shuttle Columbia in February 2003. During STS-114, Robinson 
performed the only in-flight spacewalk to repair of a shuttle's 
heat-shield. During his final spaceflight, Robinson orchestrated the 
spacewalks and the complex robotic installation of the Tranquility 
node and cupola onto the International Space Station. 

"Steve will be sorely missed by the Astronaut Office," said Janet 
Kavandi, director of Flight Crew Operations. "He was a fellow 
classmate, and I will personally miss his ever-positive attitude and 
smiling face. We wish him the best in his future endeavors, and we 
are confident that he will be a positive influence and wonderful 
mentor to inquisitive minds at the University of California at 

Robinson holds a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering and 
aeronautical engineering from the University of California at Davis 
and a master of science and doctorate in mechanical engineering from 
Stanford University. 

For Robinson's complete biography, visit: 



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