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NASA Selects Student Teams For Microgravity Research Flights

Dec. 21, 2011

Ann Marie Trotta 
Headquarters, Washington 

Rachel Kraft 
Johnson Space Center, Houston 

RELEASE: 11-422


WASHINGTON -- NASA has selected 24 undergraduate student teams to test 
science experiments under microgravity conditions. The teams will fly 
during 2012 as part of the agency's Reduced Gravity Education Flight 
Program (RGEFP). 

The teams will design and build their experiments at NASA's Johnson 
Space Center in Houston and conduct tests aboard an aircraft modified 
to mimic a reduced-gravity environment. The aircraft will fly 
approximately 30 parabolas with roller-coaster-like climbs and dips 
to produce periods of weightlessness and hyper-gravity ranging from 0 
to 2g's. 

"The program provides unique opportunities for students all over the 
country to experience life as a scientist or engineer in the working 
world," said Douglas Goforth, RGEFP manager at Johnson. "We hope the 
experience of performing experiments in microgravity will help 
inspire students to pursue careers in technical fields." 

Ten of the teams will participate through the Systems Engineering 
Education Discovery (SEED) flight week April 20-28. They will work 
with NASA scientists and engineers as part of ongoing systems 
engineering projects pertinent to future agency research and 

The 2012 SEED teams are from Carthage College, Georgia Institute of 
Technology, Northwest Nazarene University, Oklahoma State University, 
University of Houston-Clear Lake, San Jacinto College, University of 
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Washington University in St. Louis 
and Yale University. 

The other teams were selected through the Microgravity University 
program and will conduct their research June 8-16. Those teams are 
from Arizona State University, University of Southern California, 
Yale University, University of Florida, Boise State University, 
Purdue University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Missouri 
University of Science and Technology, Santa Ana Community College, 
Lamar University, University of Texas-El Paso, Virginia Polytechnic 
Institute and State University, University of Washington and West 
Virginia University. 

The RGEFP experience includes scientific research, experimental 
design, test operations and outreach activities. The program supports 
NASA's goal of strengthening the nation's future workforce. 

For more information about the Reduced Gravity Education Flight 
Program, visit: 

For more information about NASA's education programs, visit: 

For information about NASA and agency programs, visit: 


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