Re : Audio buffer size

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>>I play audio stream (mp3) using RTSP and I want to adjust dynamically the
>>plackback speed (using the playback speed variable).
>>However, I can play faster only for a short time (until buffer underflow
>>overflow). So, I want to adjust audio buffer size to increase this time.
>>But using "-cache 1024" (which is a lot of audio buffering!) and
>>50" seems to have no effect. Are these options works only for video
>>? How does Mplayer manage audio buffering (default size) ?
>>Thanks in advance,
>>Pierre Crc

I still have the same problem :)

For information, "cache" option works well when I use mplayer to receive dvb
streams but when I use mplayer to receive rtp/rtsp streams, this option has
no effect. Is this normal?



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