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Nicolas George < <at>> writes:

> > Does anybody know how to set vorbis bitrate encoding options (lavcopts  
> > acodec=vorbis:abitrate=xxx is ignored). I consistently get ~55 kbps  
> > audio which sucks.
> You can try aq=5.
> But you do not want to do that anyway: acodec=vorbis select the Vorbis
> encoder built into libavcodec, not the wrapper for Xiph's libvorbisenc. And
> this encoder is not good at all, it is only a proof of concept until someone
> undertakes to implement all necessary quality enhancements.

I don't disagree, but it should be added that a bug was fixed lately and
somebody claimed that the quality of the encoder isn't so bad (if you can live
with aq instead of abitrate).

Carl Eugen

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