Anybody playing Blu-Rays well without VDPAU/VAAPI?

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>> I can play Blu-Ray rips no problem via VDPAU, but without VDPAU the
>> a/v eventually gets out of sync or if I use -framedrop there's dropped
>> frames all over the place. ?My CPU is a dual-core AMD 3.1Ghz. ?Has
>> anyone been able to play Blu-Rays well without VDPAU/VAAPI?
>> - Grant
> I have an AMD Phenom II (Quadcore) with 2.8GHz each, and can play the
> only Blu-Ray RIP (made with Dump HD) without any A/V problems and around
> 60% CPU load (on one processor) for mplayer, 20% for X. With VDPAU (in
> Xinerama, working only with the new 256.x-drivers) I still have 60% CPU
> load for mplayer, but 0 for X, also without problems.

Software Blu-Ray playback at 60% CPU load?  Do you use any "tricks" in
your mplayer command line?

- Grant

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