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> Okay, so I'd need to put any built binaries/libraries/etc, plus the cygwin
> libs they depend on into one of these programs to make an installer?

I would say your goal is to copy every file you need to run the program
without having to install cygwin on the user's system. Personally, I just
use MinGW compiled binaries. And use one of the Visual Studio Installers to
install the files that are needed.

Windows prefers that you place the program in the Program Files Directory.
So, Program Files\Mplayer might be a good choice.  Depending on what
installer you use, the installer provides its own peculiar methods of
determining where the Program Files directory is on the system.

Then you might have the following sub-directories: codecs, docs, fonts,

The mplayer.exe, gmplayer.exe, mencoder.exe along with any dll dependencies
(cygwin1.dll, etc) should be in the main Mplayer directory. You might want a
copy of the GNU Public license, there as well for cygwin. The windows codecs
should, of course be in the codecs directory.You could place the document
files wherever, but the docs folder works nicely And any input.conf or other
config files should be placed in the mplayer subfolder.

There are a few tools you can use to determine what cygwin dlls you'll need.
Or you can just try to run mplayer in a path you create that does not have
cygwin/bin in its path to see what message pops up: e.g. you don't have
cygwin1.dll in the path. Keep on doing that and pasting in the missing dlls
in the executable's path until you finally get it to run.

Your best bet is to build mplayer with the --enable-static configure option
to avoid having to copy a multitude of dlls into the binary path.

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