DVD problem

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> What kind of oil?

I use some low-viscosity mineral oil, like WD-40 or similar. Don't use to
much of it, really only the scratches should be filled. Wiping the CD
gently with a bit of oil on tissue paper usually works good. If you've
taken to much, you can use ethanol (=denatured alcohol) to remove the oil,
but do not use ethanol on the printed side!

And, as I write about it, of course never wipe a CD or DVD in circles
around the middle hole. Always wipe radial, from the center outwards.


>>> Haha. It was indeed a scratch, a drop of oil on the DVD fixed the
>>> "bug...
> Well, yes, the oil fills the scratch and makes it almost invisible. I
> don't know if it affects long-term stability of CDs or DVDs. It is however
> a fit method to make a backup.
> Greets,
> Kiste

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