mp3 playing with mplayer without soundcard

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> Hi All,
> Thanks so far,
> If I understand one of the mplayer would push the sound to fifo the other
> with slave option would read from fifo
> 1:mkfifo outputstream
> 2:mplayer -ao pcm:file=outputstream trilla.mp3

this command will try to send a wav file header, I'm not sure is this is a
good idea.

> 3:mplayer -slave  -input file=outputstream  //Command buffer of file
> descriptor 3 is full: dropping content.

That's nonsense. outputstream transfers wav data, not slave commands.

> Creating this way, 4 mplayer should run simoultanously  2 per  channels,
> can
> be made this with 2 mplayer eg somehow like in  below. If could somehow
> output wav file in one step like below , this not working just a schematic
> cat trilla.wav | pv -L 176400  - | mplayer - -slave | lame  out.mp3

"mplayer - -slave" will read both commands and wav data from stdin via
anonymous pipe. That is nonsense. Please try to understand what a named
pipe is used for.

> Another problem with the above code, cannot be worked the -slave commands
> probably because before it in pipe there's some other linux command.

You have to use seperate pipes for sound data and commands.

> It should be solved similar way like above, or for what purpose is
> developed
> -slave option it's only using with soundcard?

-slave option is working like described in, regardless of what audio
output is selected.

> Basically this task is just :  mplayer would read 1 mp3 file in real time
> in
> slave mode so as to get controlled during the playing and results wav or
> mp3
> file, but it seems the main problem is that all without sound card.

No. The problem is you're starting the wrong way. Use cat instead of
mplayer to make the playback work on the client. As soon as the client and
network setup will play a file that's fed to it via cat you can use
mplayer to modify volume etc.

But still, it will be useless as the changes made on the client will take
quite some time to take effect due to unavoidable buffering on the client.


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