mp3 playing with mplayer without soundcard

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> Using this command the mplayer stops running after less than 1 sec and
> that's why can't be controlled via commands in some input file. Mplayer
> has
> to be playing  till the mp3 song is ended because of this controlling.

You will get smooth, continuous sound output if, and probably only if, the
sound card at the very end of the processing chain sets the speed. If you
try to force some speed somewhere else you will get buffers overfilling or
sound gaps. You will have to find a way that every task involved in the
processing will wait until its data is taken.

mplayer -ao pcm:file=output.fifo

conforms to this requirement. It plays exactly at the speed at which
output.fifo is read by some other process.

> so could start like that  :
> mplayer -slave sound.mp3
> Equalizer and speed can be modified in slave mode ?

Of course.


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