Cannot play *.mp4 files?

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Lugo <lugoteehalt <at>> writes:

> Installed libxv-dev like you said and recompiled #
> DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS="--enable-runtime-cpudetection" debian/rules
> binary  .

This is a build option that you certainly don't want (since you are not first
one to use it, I wonder where it comes from).
Additionally note that the only compilation method actually supported on this
list is ./configure && make

> Incidentally also needed:  apt-get install libvdpau-dev  .  Using
> nvidia proprietary drivers.

If you have the Nvidia binary drivers installed, you do not need xv. (And I am
really surprised that to compile and use them, libvdpau-dev is needed. I thought
libvdpau-dev (as enable-runtime-cpudetection) is only useful for distributions.)

Carl Eugen

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