Cannot play *.mp4 files?

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Lugo <lugoteehalt <at>> writes:

> But as it happens there is no video:

(I assume you have no Nvidia graphic-card. If you have one, please consider
installing the binary drivers, they allow hardware-accelerated decoding.)

You have to make sure that you can either use xv or gl_nosw - all other drivers
(except vdpau, see the Nvidia hint above) are either slow or old/undermaintained
(or both).
For xv, try something like sudo apt-get install libxv-dev.
For gl, I am not sure, but I think that libgl1-mesa-dev does not help you
(because it is only a software emulation of OpenGL, if I am correct).

Carl Eugen

PS: "use" means: mplayer -vo gl or mplayer -vo xv, see also mplayer -vo help

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