Keyboard/mouse lockout with Mplayer

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Bev <bashley101 <at>> writes:

> Accordingly I downloaded the latest snapshot and built that under kernel
> using gcc version 4.3.3. The build was successful but I am having
> problems running the resulting mplayer. I could run the older (pre7)
> version under console mode (no X) using something like 'mplayer movie.avi'
> and I would get a full screen picture, and the keys on my keyboard were
> enabled.
> Using the new version of mplayer (mplayer-export-2010-06-06) I get a full 
> screen picture, but my keyboard is disabled.

I just tested fbdev, fbdev2, directfb (this needs -vf format=bgr16,scale - why?)
and sdl on a console and in all cases, my keyboard still worked fine (vesa
doesn't show anything for me).

Which vo does pre7 use for you (and how does your .mplayer/config looks like)?

Carl Eugen

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