Building mplayer on Solaris

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Just an update incase anyone else runs into this issue. I had to first install Sun Studio and CBE. Then I had to update my bash path to include /usr/xpg4/bin/ so that the posix compliant grep would be picked up first. I then had to update the configure script changing #! /bin/sh to #! /bin/ksh

This now allows me to run configure without any issues. 

Brooks L.  

On 2010-06-07, at 12:23 PM, Brooks Lyrette wrote:

> Hey All,
> I can not seem to get mplayer to build in solaris.
> [donjulio:~/mplayer] brooks$ ./configure 
> ./configure: LC_ALL=C: is not an identifier
> I did see this was due to: 
> Is there any listed work around to get this to build?
> Thanks,
> Brooks L. 

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