Playing a DVD and mp3 Simultaneously with sync

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> Hello,
> I am trying to use mplayer to play a DVD and mp3 track together (so both
> DVD and mp3 audio, with dvd video). I need the mp3 and dvd to stay in
> sync. Can I play both at once in one instance of mplayer? (I know they can
> play together in two instances.) If so, will mplayer keep an internal sync
> between the two? If not, is there a way to sync the two instances?

It's possible, but you can not expect a lot of help from mplayer. There's
the output of the current playing position on stdout. Read that output
from both mplayers, compare the played time, and if it is out of sync,
speed up or slow down one of the players. It might sound a bit crazy, but
it can be done. I've got it to keep accuracy better than 0.1 seconds,
which in general is quite ok.


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