Uoti nonsense, and my parting words

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John Doe <jdmls <at>> writes:

> No worry; I just think we are not on the same... "ship".
> You are a dev and see the dev benefits.
> I am a user and care about user stuff (while understanding the dev side).

I do not think we are on different ships.

> But again, if I am the only one saying such crazy things, 
> just ignore me.  Damn, i suddenly feel lonely...  ^_^

Just to understand you correctly:
You cannot name a single regression, a single changed command line option or a
single changed configure option in MPlayer?
You just feel abused if new (possibly untested) features possibly full of bugs
are released?

I always feel bad when it takes a few days until new libavcodec decoders are set
up in MPlayer...

Carl Eugen

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