Uoti nonsense, and my parting words

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From: Carl Eugen Hoyos <cehoyos at>
> but bugs in new features are not the point (they actually 
> are an important argument for the way we/FFmpeg develop 
> because it means bugs are actually spotted

As a dev, I can understand the benefits (faster debugging).
As a user... not really (worse stability).
There is a difference between users and testers.
Here's an ugly graduation:

   - alpha
   - beta
   - rc1
   - ...
   - rcn
   - stable

People choose where they stand on the graduation.
Testers are more helpfull to the project I am sure.
But it is not and option for everybody.

> I would be surprised if there was an example where this 
> wasn't a clear advantage for the user

Depends on the users.
some people accept to live on the edge to be able to play with 
new shiny things.  Others prefer older but more stable stuff.
A bit like the difference between RedHat and Fedora...

> Could you ... (well you know)

If I have to... well, that means I am the only one crazy on this list, 
which means you can ignore the crazy guy  ^_^

> Imagining for a moment it would be an option to have a 
> "stable branch" (it isn't), please note that I am absolutely 
> convinced this would not in the slightest way achieve 
> the goals you imagine.

Hum... so all the projects (majority?) using stable branches 
are in the wrong?

> Note that my questions are not to proove you wrong...
>  What is important, imo, is that we try to improve

No worry; I just think we are not on the same... "ship".
You are a dev and see the dev benefits.
I am a user and care about user stuff (while understanding the dev side).

But again, if I am the only one saying such crazy things, 
just ignore me.  Damn, i suddenly feel lonely...  ^_^



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