Uoti nonsense, and my parting words

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>> I think that will take its time... distro maintainers still use 1.0rc2
>> version, because it was called something like a release back in 2007...
>> To
>> have distro maintainers package a new version, it must be linked on the
>> front page under the title "Official release". I really doubt that they
>> look for quality instead of titles.
> I can't speak for other package maintainers, but as the maintainer
> of MPlayer packages for Fedora at RPMFusion I use SVN snapshots
> as the base for the packages. I've been following MPlayer development
> closely ever since I started packaging it, so I know that current
> SVN is usually stable enough to be pushed out to users.
> I haven't actually looked at Uoti's fork yet mainly due to lack of time.

You're really doing a good job!

It's just a feeling I get from problems with the mplayer that "comes with
the newest release of [*]", and quite often this is the 2007 rc2 version.
So I shouldn't have all package maintainers insulted that way. I'm sorry
for that injustice, and perhaps my feeling is completely wrong and most
maintainers keep their packets up to date.


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