rtsp h.264 streaming issue in mplayer

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> Hi,
> I am experiencing an accumulating delay while playing h.264 stream
> using mplayer(1.0 rc2-4.3.2). The delay is accumulating very slowly.
> Initially, there is no noticeable delay at all for first 10-15 min.
> And then gradually, the delay becomes visible. After a overnight run,
> the video looks frozen. And then every now and then, there is some
> jerky video playback (like one will see while fast-forwarding a
> video), and then the video freezes.
> I used following command line options and followed the mplayer manual
> to my very best, but in vain.
> -slave
> -flip
> -nosound
> -nomousinput
> -loop 0
> -lavdopts skiploopfilter=nonref
> -hardframedrop
> I tried the same in windows. There I have a constant delay of 1 sec.
> But nothing is getting frozen. So, what else can I try?

When asking things, it is a nice habit to:

- post the exact command line used
- post _all_ of the console output mplayer spits out (If there are 1000
lines almost exactly the same, cut them out and leave only the first and
the last couple of lines)
- use the latest version of mplayer available. If you don't want to try to
compile from source, I'm sure there are binary packages which are less
than two years old for [ your operating system ].


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