rtsp h.264 streaming issue in mplayer

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I am experiencing an accumulating delay while playing h.264 stream
using mplayer(1.0 rc2-4.3.2). The delay is accumulating very slowly.
Initially, there is no noticeable delay at all for first 10-15 min.
And then gradually, the delay becomes visible. After a overnight run,
the video looks frozen. And then every now and then, there is some
jerky video playback (like one will see while fast-forwarding a
video), and then the video freezes.

I used following command line options and followed the mplayer manual
to my very best, but in vain.

-loop 0
-lavdopts skiploopfilter=nonref

I tried the same in windows. There I have a constant delay of 1 sec.
But nothing is getting frozen. So, what else can I try?


Anirban Dutta Choudhury

Dipl. El-Ing. MSc.
Design & Engineering HW/SW
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CH-5300 Turgi
Tel: +41 56 200 03 10
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