maximum resolution: how to extend ?

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On Fri, May 07, 2010 at 02:15:08AM +0200, Giorgio wrote:
> >> While waiting for a better answer, have you tried a different vo? The
> >> following two commands work here:
> >>
> >> mplayer -quiet -demuxer rawvideo -rawvideo fps=10:w=2500:h=2000:y8
> >> /dev/zero -vo gl
> >
> > As with Reimar, this one does not work (it shows a white screen instead of black - and still plain white instead of noise in case I replace /dev/zero by /dev/urandom), but gl2 does (not with the current debian-multimedia mplayer which shows some green screen, but with the latest svn revision)!
> Uhm, all three of them work here (gl, gl2 and x11) but the fastest one
> for me is gl, because both x11 and gl2 try to do colorspace conversion
> in software.

gl2 does not "support" grayscale as input, that's just by accident though.

> [gl2] Creating 1x1 textures of size 4096x2048 ...

This is why gl works for you, your hardware supports at least textures of
size 4096x2048, but at some size limit gl will stop working for you, too.

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