Video filter to slightly shift R, G and B

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I have an LCD video-projector, and as on almost all video-projector,
the 3 matrix are not perfectly aligned (or maybe it is related to
optical diffraction ?) but there is a shift (less than 1 pixel)
between red, green and blue. The resulting effect can be seen on the
following photo:

I'm used to Windows, and there are 2 ways to get rid of this problem:
either using Haali renderer that can shift cyan and magenta, or using
Media Player Classic and a custom Pixel Shader filter that do almost
the same (but with R, G and B) using the graphic card. An example of
pixel shader code to do this can be seen here:

I looked on Google but could not find any way to do this with mplayer?
Would it be difficult to develop a new filter?

Yann Pomarede.

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