Forcing other framerates

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Stephen Mollett <molletts at> [10-04-25 12:44]:
> Hi,
> On Saturday 24 April 2010 15:32:40 meino.cramer at wrote:
> >  I bought a new LCD monitor with 60Hz framerate.
> >  ... the video plays at 50Hz framerate which then interferes
> >  with the 60Hz refresh rate of the monitor.
> >  ... Is there any other trick to circumvent the screen
> >  distortion I described above?
> You could try adjusting the refresh rate of your screen - I do this with my 
> monitor and projector depending on the material I'm watching.
> Try typing 'xrandr' into a terminal and see what refresh rates you are offered 
> for your screen. Then you can do, for example:
> xrandr --output VGA1 --rate 75
> to switch to 75Hz refresh (which is what I usually use for 25fps video). The 
> output name (VGA1) will probably have to be adjusted to match the name you see 
> in the list of outputs and modes. Your desktop environment may also come with 
> a tool to allow adjustment of the refresh rate.
> You could tweak your xorg.conf (if you have one) or create a partial one (if 
> you don't have one, your X server should support "incomplete" config files) to 
> force (or at least favour) the use of a particular refresh rate. As I'm also 
> in PAL-land, I have 75Hz as the default.
> If you're feeling a bit more daring, you could even use something like 'gtf' 
> to create your own video modes with custom refresh rates which you can test 
> using xrandr (see the man page!) then add into xorg.conf as modelines, but be 
> careful that you use vertical/horizontal frequencies that suit your monitor. 
> (X will probably take care of checking the frequencies in most cases, by 
> querying the monitor for its capabilities, but it's worth checking the manual 
> or datasheet anyway.) Your monitor may well be able to do 50Hz, while a mode 
> with a refresh rate of around 72Hz (or, more precisely, 23.976 x 3) might be 
> worth having if you use NTSC DVDs at all.
> Hope this helps,
> Stephen
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As of my knowledge forcing an LCD panel to other framerates than it
supports natively may kill it... ?!

According to nvidia-setting 1920x1200 resolution is bound to 60Hz...

Sigh...why always this hassle with technique?

Thanks anyway for your help, Stephen!

Have a nice sunday!

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